The posings of a poet.


Have you noticed this Green connection

English: A spider web

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s right under our noses escaping detection
The birds all feel it and flock in collection
The wolves sense it and follow direction
The fish breathe it and gulp a selection
The deer hear it and leap at perfection
The sky blazes from section to section
The rain mists the lines ignoring rejection
The spiders weave an eclectic reception
Life is in WiFi just view your reflection

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19 thoughts on “Greenternet

  1. You are amazing

  2. As I said -you are awesome at getting to the ‘heart’ of the matter Dan! WiFi Living – Perfect:)

  3. ~Lady Day on said:

    My favourite internet connection.

  4. I’m a country girl, Wendell. I was green before it was cool! 🙂 Drying clothes on the line is a sure sign that we knew the power of wind and solar energy long before it became the ‘in’ thing……. 🙂 Love this. Thank you, Dan. ~ Bobbie

  5. ahhhhhhh…dan…this is right up my alley…great one

  6. Deborah Avila on said:

    Bright as the sun are your words Dan!

  7. Hi! Have nominated you for the Thanks For Writing Award. Please go to my site for pictuire. WordPress has rules for award.

  8. Thanks for sharing this charming poem on Source of Inspiration. I love the imagery and clever wording. You always delight me. hugs, pat

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