The posings of a poet.

The Fear of All Sums


(Photo: cloud_hopper)

I don’t want to listen to what they say
Why must 1 and 1 make 2 that way
Save it for some other day
I need a 1/5

1 and 2 make 3? But what of Fibonacci?
All his counting’s kind of…splotchy
I feel my feet over a hibachi
Is anyone out there with?

Pythagoras and his ratio of gold
You all believe all the math you’re told
Maybe that’s why we grow old
And it’s all a myth

Abstract, real, imaginary
Kill me like a miner’s canary
Haven’t you realized arithmetic’s scary?
Chew that bitter pith

Keep away you polymath
I will knock you from my path
And then find out who hath
The number of a gunsmith


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9 thoughts on “The Fear of All Sums

  1. very nice, even if I am not sure I understand it all 🙂

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    A nautilus shell is my favourite personally, but the sunflower is a fine example too…lovely, rich, great stuff as always Dan.

  3. Oooh, golden numbers and spirals. I love, love this poem Dan and feel sure that Colette will too, so I’ve sent her the link in case you two have not yet met 🙂

  4. i need a 1/5 2 –
    & that will last me 1 or 2 days,
    depending upon how fast
    you locate that gunsmith!

    FUN take on this prompt. I love the math!

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