The posings of a poet.

Scallop Shell

St. James's shell, a symbol of the route, on a...

(Photo: Wikipedia)


I began as a believer divine satellite receiver but I got distracted
Bits of me were broken off began to scoff life just seemed protracted
My soul began to die

I tried to revive grasped at more to feel alive but there’s never enough
Success Happiness Drunkenness Forgetfulness Ownership Lust or Stuff
It crumbles like a pie

Until I was tricked my spirit pricked and in agape I was immersed
My soul renewed had found its food and in truth was quite well versed
I could no longer live the lie

Now my legend flows from where everyone knows but has forgotten
So I long to share how to truly remember what is there and see all begotten
Only to change and truly live e’en as you die


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11 thoughts on “Scallop Shell

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Ah Agape…always the safest bet. Thanks for sharing a wise soul~R

  2. Interesing poem to think about this Thursday morning…enjoyed it.

  3. ….but for eternity, the echoes carry such sweet refrain. Beautiful work, Dan. ~ Love, Bobbie

  4. wonderful work as always…much to conemplate

  5. Just amazing… ‘in remembrance of me’ ~ tis a beautiful thing Dan — Love this! ~ RL

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