The posings of a poet.


English: A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis...

(Photo: Wikipedia)


Does the caterpillar feel pain as his body dissolves and evolves in his cocoon
How does he handle the change of wings will I know all too soon
Or will I go mad

Changing inside this cocoon of time that is mine will I break free
Will I from crawling and feeding on what is below burst forth and be free
Will it be the grandest experience I’ve had

Does the butterfly recall what it is to inch along instead of float
Is he kinder to creatures he meets or does his beauty cause him to gloat
Is narcissism always meant to be bad

What of men who daily change or should will we one day learn to love
Leave off this cursed double-dealing life and finally soar above
If not will the butterflies be sad


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12 thoughts on “metamorpheo

  1. Quite like the perspective this poem takes and the questions posited.

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    Ah…the deep ponderings of poets…we all do wonder don’t we. Great writing as always.

  3. I read somewhere that there is actually research being done into the fact that caterpillars and butterflies are two different species that coexist …

  4. Much to ponder in this – there is much wisdom in your questions!

  5. Evolving — changing — expanding: all growth YES!
    Thank you dearest Dan ~ this was wonderful! Love your way ~ RL

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