The posings of a poet.

Knead, Kneed, NEED


poverty (Photo: Wikipedia)

Has anyone ever asked “the needy” what it is they need
Or do we just assume it’s always food and are quick to feed
Mouths when souls are starving for just one kind word with deed
A shower, a handshake, A hug, a friend, not caught up in their greed
What if we decided to make listening our loving creed
Not in words or institutions, but in taking lead
In finding those who only want us to slow our selfish speed
Settle down, have a chat, and truly plant a seed
By taking grace to a human who from judgement should be freed
Are there any who will listen to what I write and heed?
I will know if you join me, take action, and not just merely read

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6 thoughts on “Knead, Kneed, NEED

  1. take action?!唉!this is a very selfish world ~!and not (always)just merely read!!..

  2. Amen, Dan………. Your words remind me of a quote – “I love to work; I can sit and watch it all day long.” No matter what we want for the world, if we aren’t motivated to make a change in our own heart, then the rest of the world is certainly beyond our reach. ~ Love, Bobbie

  3. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) on said:

    Your words are wisdom of history, the questions are placed well to create a space in our selfish mind. Inspiring Dan.

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