The posings of a poet.

God Is….

Portrait of homeless man

(Photo: Wikipedia)


What does love look like
It looks like a beard
Unkempt ’round a toothless grin
We’ve all one time feared

It looks like a handicap
That makes walking a pain
It looks like a battered tarp
Called “Home” during the rain

It looks like an attitude
That says “Leave me alone”
It looks a lot like anger
That says “My heart is stone”

It looks like that clothing
Unwashed and badly wrinkled
It looks like the face of age
With brow so deeply crinkled

It looks like a wince of shame
When charity is needed
It looks like a twinge of pain
When advice has not been heeded

It looks like need
And in this ocean we do swim
Can you see the Love
Within each Her & Him?


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25 thoughts on “God Is….

  1. really enjoying your blog today. Great stuff.

  2. loving your words

  3. thesubterraneanworld on said:

    This is simply AMAZING!!
    Something that is not at all ROMANTIC yet about LOVE cause this time someone was talking about the SACRED LOVE! I so loved each and ever bit of it! Keep Up the Good Work 🙂

  4. ~Lady Day on said:

    It looks like a twinge of pain
    When advice has not been heeded~ love that line…great as always~R

  5. Dan ~ Humans can go a week without water, two weeks without food, many years of homelessness, but not loneliness. We can do without much, but we can’t live with the sense that no one cares for us. When we look beyond those tired eyes or refuse to look into them, we are working our own kharma (not theirs). When we see them as souls (the same as ours), we are giving them an amazing gift (and they are returning the favor). Wonderful writing. ~ Love, Bobbie

  6. livvy1234 on said:

    I am delighted to find your poetry. This was a profoundly elegant poem!

  7. You certainly don’t need my comment after so many wonderful ones but let me just say~pathos!

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