The posings of a poet.

The Eyes and Neighs

A “thank you” can be an apology
If said at the appropriate time
In fact many phrases become an anthology
As context is a mountain to climb

Life Lessons(Choo Choo)

(Photo credit: mRio)

“I love you” the greatest offender
Overused and oft undermeant
The meaning so little we render
With true meaning once it is sent

“God Bless you” is also right up there
Added as if it could mean
“I believe goodness shall follow”
Or more likely, “I hope I don’t sound too mean”

“Sincerely” is sadly another
When it should be such a paramount close
You tag it on like a mother
Nags you about your clean underclothes

Perhaps it is tone or inflection
That turn good meaning to dust
Perhaps familiarity is an infection
That breeds not contempt but mistrust

So as was said by one wiser than I
Please let your nay be a “NAY”
and if you must agree then your “aye”
Should be level and mean what you say


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10 thoughts on “The Eyes and Neighs

  1. very true and so well put

  2. VERY well written and conceived, Dan. Bravo!

  3. Love it…………. ~ Me

  4. You might want to pop over here and take a peek. Your name just might have been mentioned! 🙂 http://jodiambroseblog.com/2012/05/19/im-a-sunshine-blogger-award-winning-mo-fo-yay/

  5. Applause Applause Applause !

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