The posings of a poet.

In Case You Were Wondering

I really do not care for cake
I enjoy pie after my steak

I really don’t comprehend whining
Make a plan and stop maligning

I really abhor ignorance
Think about each circumstance

I do not really want a pet
I have kids who poo and wet

I really am not proud of greed
I wish generosity to be my creed

I truly hate all bigotry
Wait is that bigotry by me?

I have no desire to learn by knocks
I’d rather let your pain release my locks

I am sincerely embarrassed by pride
I find it to be a thorn in my side

I do not wish friends to offend
I do it though, so here’s amends

I wish for you to find your smile
And know you’re loved for just a while


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10 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. I am an oxymoron and deal with it each day
    You see; I hate
    The haters in the world and
    Won’t indulge in their play.

    I enjoyed your poem very much

  2. ~R.L.King on said:

    Ah, a brilliant write…as always Dan.

  3. I am of the same mind as Lesley. I despise those who judge, and before I know it ~ there I am ‘judging’………. I hate the world hate……..and there I am. ~ Love you, B

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