The posings of a poet.

Word Smithing #1


In the center of CHANGE
HANGs the very key
How to rearrange
Every part of me

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6 thoughts on “Word Smithing #1

  1. I have nominated you for an Inspiring Blog Award…Details here:

    http://notallstories.com/2012/05/16/inspiring-blog-award-nomination/ Best of luck, friend!

  2. Dan~you create something new every day~I can not keep up…

  3. This one brought a belly laugh. Fun and clever. Now I have two things to try. You could be my latest muse. thin line between plagiarism and inspiration but poetry allows more leeway. One day, I took a book and picked random words and made a poem. It got rave reviews even if it did not make any sense to me. Go figure. But I came back later and liked it, too. Wonder if I should worry about that? fun stuff here! hugs, pat

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