The posings of a poet.

Sum Days

sum of days

(Photo: robzand)

Some days seem so small as if there were not 24 hours in which to fit it all
And somehow we can still find a way to breathe by chasing bread or love or the breeze that accompanies fall
At least that’s what we choose to say

Some days seem so big as if there were more to comprehend than would fit within our soul
And somehow we cannot find a reason to disbelieve that tomorrow may be small and we be whole
At least that’s how we spin it any way

Some days seem interminable and their remains are a labyrinth from which we cannot flee
And somehow the endless wanderings of others land me at a shore of understanding you are much like me
At least it looks so from where I lay

Some days seem nonexistent all existential made of cotton cumulus lint and stuffed animal fluff
And somehow we make a living find a life in the midst of stress and being owned by all our stuff
At least that’s what we call a day


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8 thoughts on “Sum Days

  1. Some days i will (hope)be able to translate all ur poetry into Chinese ~ love 

  2. You right from the heart. Much appreciated. 🙂 Sam

  3. Inspired work, Dan. We are more than the sum of our days ~ or I certainly believe we are! Otherwise, we are no more than breath and numbers…. ~ Love, B

  4. Love this one Dan…. Thank you.

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