The posings of a poet.

An Optimist Battles Pessimism

Is the glass half empty or half full? The pess...

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I swear no one cares
I am one who does
I swear everyone stares
I am not one who was

Why does no one take time
Why, I think I do
Why can no one stop crime
Why, I can and so can you

What is the point of it all
What? The point is to live
What difference from this voice so small
What? Find love and just give

When will they ever see
When they are ready my friend
When will I get to be me
When you think you’ve reached the end

Who really knows what will come
Who needs more than today
Who has peace and gives some
Who has received gives away

Why do you bother answer
Why do you quest but not hear
Why do I fear change like cancer
Why my friend do you fear

I swear one now cares
I know that’s where it starts
I swear everyone shares
I know it comes from our hearts


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9 thoughts on “An Optimist Battles Pessimism

  1. Always, we have to be the change. We can never look to another with hopes ‘they’ will fix things. We have to fix it. We have to give of all we have and all we are (without even one thought of receiving something as small as ‘thank you’ in return). We never miss what we give away. I love this, Dan, and I care……….. ~ Love, Bobbie (and btw….my glass ISN’T BIG ENOUGH)

  2. It’s amazing to me how you can consistently make an emotional impact while forcing certain technical restrictions on yourself…..Your poetry always has a certain cleverness while loosing no heart or soul….much admired

  3. Nice work, your words wrote across my poet soul with a familiarity of knowing what you felt as you wrote but lacking the ability to say it as well as you do 🙂

  4. Intelligent and sensitive ~ making choice usually entail change and, as long as we care, whatever another does isn’t our concern in all honesty~ Excellent Dan! Sincerely Deborah

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