The posings of a poet.

Fun LOVEing

Love for Arts

(Photo: Wikipedia)

If you feel like painting with brushes or hands
Then make it as real as you can
Doesn’t matter if anyone else understands
You’re made for one who’s your fan

If you want to try writing get started
Put all your feelings in pen
Write what has never been charted
Write, and then write yet again

If you choose dance then get moving
Don’t worry if there’s music or not
Your love will join you in grooving
For rhythm speaks love more than not

Whatever you choose be like a child
Give your all and leave nothing to chance
Never let the real you be mild
Write, love, laugh, paint, and DANCE


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14 thoughts on “Fun LOVEing

  1. I have missed your thoughtful comments on my own poetry blog. This is truly beautifully shared and written.

  2. ~R.L.King on said:

    GORGEOUS! And could not agree more.

  3. Indeed a positive attitude to take.

  4. I’ve worked with writers with writer’s block, and performers with stage fright. Whenever I see someone who struggles with what they should know, I want to laugh. Tiger Woods is a perfect example. He’s stuck and he’s beating himself up because he wants so bad to win and he doesn’t know how to fix what isn’t working. And yet, the answer is so simple………..I scream at the TV (as if he could hear me), ‘shut up and play’. It’s the same with anything. If you are stuck on writing, the only cure is to write. It doesn’t have to be the best ever; it only has to be one thing – the next thing you write. Be in the now – take it all – live it all – write, paint, live, dream, dance! ~ Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Dan. ~ Love, Bobbie

  5. Never let the real you be mild..true feelings~^_^love

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