The posings of a poet.

Inter[net]connected Poetry #1

An experiment in interconnected internet poetry.

Life is too short

To miss long walks

And deep talks

And pillow forts

Inspired by Ind by Nicholas


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22 thoughts on “Inter[net]connected Poetry #1

  1. ~R.L.King on said:

    Oh my goodness, that may have been one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen! You never cease to amaze me in your abilities as an artist. I’ve never cared much for collage, until today. Thanks, totally lifted my spirits, and kids were dancing in my house, that’s power.

    • Wow! Thank you. Like I said it was an experiment, but with that kind of feedback, it may become a regular occurrence! Thanks for the encouragement. ~Dan

  2. R.L. – Feel free, I did! 😉

  3. Ahhhhh! I definitely like your take on this a lot! Nice inclusion of some very different inter(net)textual connections 🙂 Inspiring!

  4. Absolutely fabulous!!!! I love the message and I absolutely love the idea of inter(net)connected. Love it!!!!

  5. Reblogged this on tornadoday and commented:
    Inspiration has no real territory. Beautiful!

  6. love~waiting for more~

  7. laughing to myself….This is just so clever…i love your constant experimentation…very inspiring

  8. Hopefully I’m not small-minded anyway. 😉

    • ur not Dan~!Indeed! so fresh! this is a new experiment, you need to looking for a good poetry, also the tone is similar~!for sure it is so difficult~It will takes a lot of time, and your smart!~waiting for more^_^love~

  9. kimtb on said:

    I’m giggling because I spent yesterday putting together a post of photos of teepees, tents and pillow forts. Great minds, or at least wandering minds….think alike.

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