The posings of a poet.

A Chat by the C

I admit I was one
One of those who said
And really believed in my head
That this battle’d be won

Ôl traed yn y tywod

(Photo credit: bara-koukoug)

Without the addition                                           Of a personal connection
To early detection
And this war of attrition

But all hope is not lost
For I know you’re a fighter
And it’s not clear if this blighter
Will require the ultimate cost

So we’ll wait and see
What results are returned
And save midnight oil to be burned
If it turns out to be C

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8 thoughts on “A Chat by the C

  1. The words just play and dance together from line to line…pure magic

  2. great one here, you are very talented

  3. Emotional, real, tension, and strength. Never stop the fight against the “C” ! Wonderbar!

  4. Beautiful words, Dan…

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