The posings of a poet.

Con nectar

Nectar of camellia

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How is it I forget that you know me better than I know me myself and I  How is it that you see right through my stupidity when I so often try             To withhold something believing I am your protector



How is it that I believe I can protect you from what makes us grow
How is it I even try avoid the change when after all of this I know
Change is how we see who we are as it is reflector




How is it you trip so lightly past the fact that I forgot to trust
How is it that in that smile this dummy smiles and blows off all the dust
Of misspent hours not tasting of your nectar




How is it that this just gets better and grander and deeper
How is it that our highs get higher and clouds kiss mountains steeper
Than we imagined when we both became defector




How is it that the world so simply softly sadly settles
How is it they cannot seem to make time to take their feet off of the pedals
And let the path the gravity the journey become director



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3 thoughts on “Con nectar

  1. Exceptional…………. 🙂

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