The posings of a poet.

Trans mission

ink in water

(Photo credit: árticotropical)

This is an answer
This is a plea
This is a query
This is just me

This is a rhythm
This is a dance
This is rehearsal
This is a chance

This is a choice
This is a fact
This is a promise
This is a pact

This is a journey
This is a plan
This is a destiny
This is a man

This is a feeling
This is a heart
This is indifference
This is a start

This is a follower

This is a lead
This is a martyr
This is a seed

This is a reason
This is a guess
This is perfection
This is a mess

This is a thought

This is transmission
This is a dream
This is fruition

This is a crossroad
This is a bend
This is a beginning
This is an end


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6 thoughts on “Trans mission

  1. wow~36 "this"words~iso true~all happened again,again and again and again and again…strong feelings~

  2. Rhytmically brilliant…rhyming poems can be a real challenge because of rhythmn constraints, and this is amazing

  3. Is it crazy that we both have a poem with similar titles?

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