The posings of a poet.

Free Rainge

Keep Clear

(Photo credit: bigbluemeanie)

I accept what you except
And appraise what you apprise
While the alternative is to alternate
Your disgust for your disguise


Enjoy your complimentary complement
While we disperse what you disbursed
And affect to some effect
what accrued and was accursed


I would not presume to assume
That you flout what you flaunt
That you dissemble what you disassemble
And find it haute where you haunt


It’s clear that its meaning is lost
When you loose that which you lose
In a preemptive attempt to be peremptory
You chose what none should choose


I guess not all progeny can be prodigy
And we all procrastinate when we prevaricate
but do not let this reign of free rein language
Be perpetrated nor allow to perpetuate

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10 thoughts on “Free Rainge

  1. Your play on words is magnificent, I very much enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Exceptional ~I accept we all struggle with acceptance ~ WONDERFUL poem~Fondly Deborah

  3. THANK you ~ye a gift!

  4. You are truly a wordsmith, Dan.

  5. This is the best poem ever. Do you mind if I share it?

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