The posings of a poet.

Train of Thought


(Photo credit: Pro-Zak)

If life is on track and speeding along what is this vehicle have we got it wrong perhaps we have missed the train
And rumble on into the life on a contraption that cannot be constructed but of dreams and cobwebs and the occasional coffee stain
Wait are we the passengers or ticketmen or the wheels

If we get derailed is it just in thought because we’re taught that life must travel thus
And are we so wrong to wish the tracks led thus and there and how little it helps to fuss
And slam our breaks and huff out air and squeals

I do not think we can be the engineer. I do not see how we are the layers of our own tracks
How can we lay what we travel at the speed we’ve now chosen I’d give up speed for a handcart no matter what it lacks
I want to return to slow to, as possible, consider where we go before this engine steals

The journey from our joy the wonder of the toy the tinkering and thinking of this living
I want to get back to the wonder of a child at the chugging that is wild and hanging from the window taking what the wind is giving
I would not just sit idly by or just punch out ticket-time but savor how this clackety-clacking feels


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11 thoughts on “Train of Thought

  1. Like the metaphor used here and how you developed it.

  2. Exceptional, Dan!!!! I love it, and I want that too ~ ‘could we not slow down for just a moment’?

  3. This could not be more true…I’m a kindergarten teacher, and it really keeps you young seeing old things new through their eyes…Definitely listen for that clackety clack…loved this:)

  4. This poem is smooth, and creates a spark of interest and pulls your readers in. Great job!

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