The posings of a poet.

De Sidere

Star Trails (FAIL!)

 (Photo credit: Lemuel Montejo)

Consider the stars and what they could bring the light the guidance the freedom to wander
And wonder and reimagine what we could be as we embrace each other in this night of our passion and ponder
What our future could be here hanging in the stars

Convinced that it is both right and good and we are so well understood as we gaze into the deep of each others sighs
And fall into each others charms and our bodies cast a vote and they call out their eyes
And we are helpless but to swim in this ocean that is ours

Conceding that to love and float is better than to survive and gloat and swear we will never build a moat
To keep each other at bay with what we do and say but instead every desire dream and plan for each promote
And capture this starlight in memories that we shelve like jars

Contemplating them at a later date and realizing that when we wished upon the stars we landed at the moon
And flew so free and grew so graceful that the planet should not expect to see so great a Romance any too soon
Not unless they find us as constellations and avoid what bars


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4 thoughts on “De Sidere

  1. Beautifully written – I can feel the emotions – love it! Thank you for posting.

  2. the wisdom of narrative poetry~love~!

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