The posings of a poet.

All and All, After All

Photograph by ESTHER HAVENS

You are all cumulus clouds and cotton candy

I am all indelicate and handy

You are all spinnaker and Sphinx

I am all literal and drinks

You are all ephemeral and erudite

I am all allegory and delight

You are all open and unlocked

I am island reef and blocked

You are all inspiration and breeze

I am all addicted as you please


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11 thoughts on “All and All, After All

  1. Sweet and yet so filled with truth. There is always give and take, ying and yang, light and dark. In reality, we hardly ever fall for the people we’re supposed to. 😉 Bobbie

  2. You are all sweet,~ I am all beautiful, have a nice weekend~

  3. ~R.L.King on said:

    Brilliant honest. Love reading your writing. It feels like I’m reading something from someone I lost long ago. So thank you

  4. Nice! This is so complex and vivid, with lots of cool surprises. Thanks for a good read.

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