The posings of a poet.

A Serendipity in the Sea

Photograph via Paean on Reddit

The Sea reflects the wavering night.
The waves soak
in all light. Eternity blinks
at recollection and desire. It’s true
desire is a type of fire. Desire can never
warm your bones. Maybe the sea
is desire for the shore. Serendipity may be
a northern star, or
maybe not. Even the lost
can find the Path. It’s lucky
the sea sings so loudly at the shore. And the cosmos
shouts so silently in the Pilgrim’s sole. How many times
will calluses recall the journey? Scattered shards
of shells show the sea its stopping point. That doesn’t matter
the Sea still surges sagaciously inland. The scent of salt
permeates the coppery air. The difference is
tears taste of the tides. Sarah never knew
what might have been. Michael knows but
cannot see but start. He soaks
in all light. The streets reflect
the wet wavering weather. White
as bright
as night.


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12 thoughts on “A Serendipity in the Sea

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) on said:

    I love it, like a poetic story, you dabbled it well…. and yes, maybe the sea
    is desire for the shore.
    bright shore it is, for sure. 🙂

  2. ~R.L.King on said:

    ‘tears taste of tides…’ brilliant! Will never forget that line.

  3. Wonderful — Love it!

  4. Exquisite!!! Yes, inspiration is truly manna! ~ Bobbie

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