The posings of a poet.

The Good Old Daze

Life is too noisy these days where in childhood it was less so or was it I chose better what I should hear
Life is too busy these days where in growing up it was fast but unhurried and there were conquerable beasts to fear
Life should come with a helmet and a beer
Life is more about productivity these days where it used to be about creativity and waking daily seeing clear
Life is more about marking time where it used to be about making your mark and loving those in your sphere
Life should be greeted with curiosity and a spear
Life is viewed as overwhelming while I still remember believing I could overcome all and how the world would cheer
Life is viewed as a problem in need of a solution while we used to see a question whose answer would one day appear
Life should be hunted and stripped of veneer
Life has equipped us to miss what matters instead of chasing dreams down alleys as if they were a souvenir
Life has equipped us to leave behind the mystery instead of facing every new path as a pint-sized pioneer
Life should be engaged like an opportunity not a career

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5 thoughts on “The Good Old Daze

  1. Yep….love it! Nicely done, Dan.

  2. Witty title 🙂

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