The posings of a poet.

Machine Gun Preacher

Sometimes there are those who inspire you
Not just to think, but to get up and do
In a world where money is controlled by the few
An unlikely man took a stand for what’s true
He began running food but then got the clue
That it was high time to start a rescue
Though the war belonged to another he flew
Into a region where death spawns like dew
He built up an orphanage and enemies slew
He met with leaders who he had hoped who
Would make a difference and some have tried too
But he is still there where the children accrue
In his hand a Bible on his lap lays askew
An AK-47 that his intentions imbue
With reality and urgency and pleadings anew
He’s made a difference, now how about you?

  • Inspired and dedicated to Sam Childers.
God Bless you Sam!

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2 thoughts on “Machine Gun Preacher

  1. this is a serious~the problems arund the whole world~

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