The posings of a poet.

Dollars by the Pound

Penny for your thoughts
So put your two cents in
A penny saved is a penny earned
It makes some cents to hear again
If you’ve been nickel-and-dimed
You’ve not two pennies to rub together
And if you took  a wooden nickel
It will swell when there is weather
Philosophies are a dime a dozen
So be careful what you believe
Your soul could stop on a dime
But what would you then receive
Life will give you no quarter
It is up to you to invest
In experiences you draw and quarter
And spend life as if you’re a guest

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8 thoughts on “Dollars by the Pound

  1. Very clever use of common sayings.

  2. A penny saved is a penny earned~wow~ur a philosopher..

  3. I just love this. Especially the images of a swollen wooden nickel.

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