The posings of a poet.

Sigh lens

Silence stalks me
All silken and
Shhhhhhhhe stoops to
seem smaller
  so I won’t see
her strength
Still she slow-strides
  in my shadow
as I stir and seethe
and stand stiffly staring
So what have you to say
   simple spinster of soliloquy
Ah I see slippery slattern
the Silent surgery you so
  slyly serve is your salvation
Surreptitious stalker of the sages
shall we say what should seem so sure
to be simple
Silence is somewhat more like silver
  quicksilver to set the scene
Seconds into saying she is Silence
Is steering into sound and she
has suddenly
stumped off on sabbatical
So should she stay
serpentine and secluded
or shall we stab her skillfully
with S words

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2 thoughts on “Sigh lens

  1. wow~D ~ this morning u posted a lot of poetry ~

    • The first three were ones I had already written. Then I read a lot today, and the last three just came out. If I am anything, prolific would be a compliment. 😉

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