The posings of a poet.


There at some point in an artist lodges a speck
of the universe that does chafe and rub
against the soul and mind and threatens to wreck
the mind of he who would that morsel snub
Since spiritual or metaphysic it cannot be washed
out or away by ways we know and so must be embraced
else all other thoughts and words be squashed
and only left as a howl-licked silent scratching madness traced
So coat it in words or jacket it in paint
anything you sing or dance or make anew will do
and hold it up to light and hang it where it ain’t
even if that place is before a righteous pew
And pray as I do now that what forms is found unique
enough to be desired for oneself and worn as proud
adornments are but in the mind it may yet speak
instead of being castoff beauty no more variance than a cloud

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2 thoughts on “pearl

  1. Exquisite. I really like this.

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