The posings of a poet.

Heedless of Need

Take this cup from me
Drink it down and see
It is not a cup of bitterness
It is the dregs of love’s caress
Stop your need from grumbling
Stop your doubts from tumbling
Find your worth in what you are
Find that others are off by far
Eat these words sweet in your mouth
Eat them though they sour south
Truth is hard to swallow thus
Truth is what is best for us
Down this medicine and try
Up a little more to fly
You are worth more than your sum
You are the pilgrim who has come
Searching treasure just to find
Searching was only to free your mind
Treasure was beneath your dream
Treasure with futuristic gleam
Dig down deep and sink your roots
Dig down but also send up shoots
Bury need as fertilizer
Bury need and grow the wiser

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2 thoughts on “Heedless of Need

  1. d~ur so sensitive and spiritual~

    • This came from seeing so many poetry posts about emotional need. I pray we get past our needs and grow. It is all spiritual if you look at it right.

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