The posings of a poet.


I have spent the night though it feels it has spent me

pondering things imponderable and asking sparingly
if there were answers to these questions that could ever be
given and understood and not leave the taste of calumny
I have spent the morning though I’ve got nothing now to show
for the time I spent in wondering where the time does go
unless you count the heights to which these questions often grow
then I suppose I have a lot but no answers I can know
I have spent the evening in secluded hours of quiet thought
and still I have no gain to show with what my time has bought
perhaps I’m doomed to think and not learn that which I ought
or rather find I’ve retied for myself the puzzling Gordian knot

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2 thoughts on “SpentIMe

  1. Well, you did end up with a nice poem. 😉

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