The posings of a poet.


Memory is a reef that keeps our I-land from washing out to see
Thoughts are the fleeting fish that color memories like leaves color a tree
And I am glad to free dive down into recollection
Memory is an anchor holding fast the ship of what is known
Thoughts are the waves slapping at the gunwale seeing the tide grown
And I am sure to stay on course with such direction
Memory is the mast the very last post against the straining winds of time
Thoughts are the sails tied fast pulling memory out and through the rime
And I at helm would steer but am trapped in reflection
Memory is a shore of washed up beaten bits of the journey lived as life
Thoughts are the shoals that break the breakers and give respite from the strife
And I stroll here daily turning over shells of true connection

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7 thoughts on “Memoreef

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Very clever metaphors. I love this.

  2. Exactly. I look forward to talking more so we may spark new poems for each other!

  3. Indeed ~ often in providing review of someone else’s work ~ I stumble across a thought I might not have had otherwise ~ an idea waiting to blossom. Excellent use of inspiration! ~ Bobbie

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