The posings of a poet.

…In translation

<Make You>            <爱>                                         Love
Tr. by bomeng

I love                          我的爱                                     I love
that I can make you     温柔的触摸                          Gentle touch
smile                           荡漾在字里行间                    Waves in between the lines          Just by writing                                                                                                                  for a                                                                                                                           while

I love                           我的爱                                    I love
that I can make you      甜蜜的笑语                          Sweet of laughter
laugh                           缠绕你的心                            Winding your heart                 Within my twining                                                                                                                       paragraph

I love                             我的爱                                  I love
that I can make you       无邪的纯真                         Innocent innocent
giggle at the                   像个可爱的傻瓜                 Like a lovely fool                     absurd                                                                                                                               With only one simple                                                                                                     word

I love                              我的爱                                 I love
that I can make you        柔情似水                           Gentle enough
smile                             流淌在你的血脉中       To flowing in your veins                     With all the phrases I                                                                                                   compile

I love                                我的爱                               I love
that I can make you          温柔似海                       Gentle as the sea
mine                                 滋润你的梦                      Moisturize your dreams                By penning just the perfect                                                                                          line

I love                                  我的爱                             I love
that I can make you            轻灵的笑声                    Brisk laughter
chuckle so                     甜甜的躺入诗怀          Sweet lying poems pregnant sweet                                                                                                                                              By getting the right sounds                                                                                           down on this                                                                                                                                      sheet

I love                                   我的爱                            I love
that I can make you    夜夜相随你的身边      Every night go hand  in                             guffaw near all                 倾倾我我                   hand to your side
night                                                                   Dump dump me                                     If I can turn phrases                                                                                                         and say them                                                                                                                                 just right

I love                                    我的爱                           I love
that I can make you               我的梦                      My dream

I love                                    我的爱                           I love
that I can                              我的呼吸                      I breathe

I love                                   我的爱                            I love
that                                      我的心                           My heart

A retranslation of a translation of one of my poems with interesting results.

Thanks to Jmeandme


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16 thoughts on “…In translation

  1. A retranslation of a translation of one of my poems with interesting results^_^yes D~The translation of poetry is to open your heart again~thanx again for ur great poems~

  2. Interesting – and so romantic.

    • Thank you, it all started with the thought that I could make someone I love smile. It continued when someone took it and made it their own, then I took it back. 🙂

  3. Very inspirational! I love the feel of the end result ~ a type of symbolic haiku. ~ Bobbie

  4. no no ~sweet D~^_^!i love so~i will~Google Translate machine is so bad! they only translate your words, not ur heart~

  5. Yes, very interesting results!

  6. Fascinating – will have to try that myself. My favourite translation/retranslation error (apologies if you’ve heard this joke millions of times before) is ‘invisible maniac’ for the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

    • 🙂
      I like Coca Cola’s original problem translating into “Bite the wax tadpole” or some such wax related nonsense, but now it sounds better than here with “to allow the mouth to be able to rejoice”!

    • heeee~the translator must catch the intension of the author~^_^of course the grammatical shifts are possible in poetry translation, because here the translator aims at transmitting more the content~like "I love"you never said"wo ai"~some time u should sacrifice the sound and words~thats why i don’t like google translate machine ~^_^^_^

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