The posings of a poet.


Am I to Alliterate All Afternoon
Because I Believe I am Busy
Catching Conversations after Coffee
Doing Doodlings until Dawn
Exclaiming Expositions until Evening
Filling Feelings with Free Fire
Grasping Goings-on as they Gambol
Helping Homer find His Home
I am Irate at this Ill-advised Intrusion
Just a Jaunty Jape
Kami can Kick and Kill
Look Love Leave off and Listen
My Minutes are Making Marks
Not Nearly Nice ones Neither
Oh Out with it Over and Over
Please Pause in the Preponderance of Presupposing
Quit Quacking in the Que
Reduce reuse recycle
Save Self and Serve the Stew
Truth in Time will Triumph
Unless we Uninterested few
Verily Vote out Vehemence
While Wondering What to do
Xenografts and Xenoliths are Xeric
Yet Yesterday’s Yesterdays shine through
Zip on by Zaftig Zephyr
Zip by as good Zippers do

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10 thoughts on “Alphalliteration

  1. heh-heh – fantastically clever 🙂

  2. Indeed… quite clever!

  3. This is an exercise in brilliance…loved reading this!

  4. love~great sense of rhythm~^_^

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