The posings of a poet.


When I think of myself and what I have become and should continue to be
I think that it is familiar but that in itself is an abhorrence to me
I’d rather not recognize myself so I could keep the wonder
Alive with living though the pain would be borne by more than myself I will not stop
Even if it means that life must be hard hard hard and bitter from the marrow to the top
I will push on and try to be who I’d wish even though it’s viewed a blunder
By those who laid their crowns at my feet though I tried to guide them to another
I supposed that now I’ll find if I was truly the pride of father mother
or an embarrassment but at the least I’ll know I rose and was not torn asunder
By the expectations of who I was thought to be and would not
Instead opting to strike out yet again to try and find exactly what could be got
That others did not fail to find but simply pushed down under
Their ideals of duty and right and wrong and denied that grace could be strong enough
To allow us to seek our way when we thought we had listened but fell for a bluff
But now that I have tasted lightning I cannot speak but thunder

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5 thoughts on “RE:Invent

  1. You know someone’s right for you when the things they don’t have to say are even more important than the things they do. When they understand the wonderful gift we share with nothing more than our presence……… Beautiful! ~ Bobbie

  2. sometimes good times will come sometimes bad times will…touched my heart~love~!

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