The posings of a poet.

Brain Blisters

I know you have felt them after a moment that tore through like a hurricane
Drenching your every thought and action with disappointment shock and pain
And thought you had finally risen above
Then on a good day a fine day in a strange way the silt is dredged to the top
Of every one of the thoughts of today and the hurt will not cease and cannot be made to stop
No matter however mentally hard you shove
Back on that choking seedling of thought that brings memories of betrayal and loss
And you are drawn back into battle with what you said was finished and burned off as dross
Yet the fire has burned your heart and the mind above
And blistered your thinking and left recollections here stinking of death and how you are cursed
That today on a good day a fine day the past has its own way of surfacing just to burst
In your brain like a blister oozing with festering love

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6 thoughts on “Brain Blisters

  1. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation. Wonderful work! ~ Bobbie

    • We cannot truly know how strong we may be until we pass through the crucible and emerge to rebuild. What the fire burns away was unworthy, what remains is what matters.

      • Indeed! Adversity doesn’t build character – it reveals it. The absolute worst thing to happen to us can be the absolute best thing to happen to us ~ dare we look up.

  2. I don’t know that the absolute worst to happen would be the absolute best, only if we stopped there and didn’t push ourselves to be more than just the measure of success. My absolute best would be to become a writer paid to do what he loves. If that happens, I pray I continue to push myself and not become a cliche or a pattern. After all, I’m more than halfway there. I am writing and I am RE:Inventing almost daily.

  3. I really love this! The good thing is blisters once popped end up healing and if they don’t pop…well I guess what remains is tougher than it was in the beginning.

    • It came from a statement my mom made about the loss of a loved one. I think it describes it well. All the memories of each of those infinite moments are still there, though he is not. They burst at unlikely and oft unwanted times, but yes, it is healthy and we must heal. IF we ignore them, then, as you say, “what remains is tougher” – A scar. Thanks, ~D

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