The posings of a poet.

The Dualist

I find that I’m a man apart a soul a mind a beating heart that pushes me to seek
I find that finding’s not the thing what was wanted was a quest to make me meek
And so I’ll leave it to you and be on my way
I find that it is easy thus to lie and disbelieve and cause a fuss when you do that to me
I find that I can say one thing and turn and do the opposite and with abandon run ever free
Though I do not act on what it is I say
I find that my divided simple petulant little mind can contrive the right words to make you hold my trust
While I slip down the back alley and dally in the valley of overindulgence insensitivity and lust
And return as if I were victor in that fray
I find that I can even make myself to see what it is I think should be and then run after what is not my own
I find that all of this is a common mess and yet I feel no less like I am deserving to be tied to a stone
And rolled into the current of reality without delay

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2 thoughts on “The Dualist

  1. Extraordinary vision you paint with these words…….. Well done. ~ Bobbie

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