The posings of a poet.

Secret Garden

Consider my love a garden as I do with reasons beyond reason to love her that blossom anew each day
that entice with a fragrance so beauteous that you almost miss the lovely pattern for sniffing away
and I get so high just knowing that it is not forced but grows of its own accord
And I do not master it but lovingly tend each inch as a devout acolyte of the divine would light the way
for the goddess who treads through the soul and leaves leaves of the Hibiscus and flowers wherever she may
and all of her ardor stored up just inside her is poured
Over me as I slow stride through her into the wood where my garden grows toward a future so grand
that I truly wonder if any great explosion of feeling others claim to have had would dare even stand
before such as this this love has given me riches to afford
A love that grows daily inside and out knowing the limits are broken crumbled by her beautiful vine
that clings and transforms the borders of old into a beauty to behold and she lets me call this mine
consider my garden my love as I have over this landscape oft soared

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