The posings of a poet.


We are a society that cannot remain still
We are so hyped up I doubt that we will
Stop jittering and shaking as we conquer the world
We’ll all have to pee when our banner’s unfurled
We’re like other societies but with focus impinged
And a bit more on edge with fingertips singed
First order of business insulation for all
So our beverage of choice we won’t spill at all
Next on the list barista re-education
A quadruple shot is the norm in our nation
Then we’ll move to penalties for those here unlearned
DEATH! or at least scalding if the brew you have burned
Next up FREE Wi-Fi to be had, easy and quick
Our hands tremble so, just make one button to click
On to our motto, which clearly should be:
“Caffeine is grown freely, and thus should be FREE!”
Stop charging us prices that would make Solomon blush
We are all addicts and need a cheap rush
Don’t dare ask us to attempt to brew it at home
Besides, it’s too difficult to work out the foam
Just give us our demands or find us self-immolated
Resistance is futile! You’ll be caffeinated.

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10 thoughts on “Caffeinati

  1. Lol I see it every day. Give me a triple mocheata tall with low fat milk please. Love the post!

  2. kimtb on said:

    Hi, thanks for the note on Caffeinated | By Design. I’d love to use this on it…I hadn’t considered coffee-inspired poetry before (though we all write with coffee as creative fuel). I’ll link back to you of course. Let me know if that’s ok! Take care, Kim

    • I would be honored! More to come as I am also a fan of the beautiful, brown beverage!

      • kimtb on said:

        awesome. I have it in the queue for next week. will let you know when it goes up. where are you from? any more info i can share?

      • Mostly a Virginia native. Father of 5. A Teacher, A Poet…Avid reader…Movie fanatic…Lover of the outdoors and wordplay. That’s most of the interesting bits. Need anything else?

      • kimtb on said:

        that’s good! thx!

  3. Haha this does remind me of mine 🙂 Yours is better though!

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