The posings of a poet.

Rocket of Dreams

I know what you need because I found love that cannot be bound up in seams
I have a love that propels me on and cheers and dares and is the fuel for this rocket of dreams
And sometimes she drops me into place
I know what you want because I wanted it too a love that would never take a backseat
I found it too and it is so loud so grand so deep so gripping I can hear it in my feet
And I smile with more than just my face
I know what you wish because I used to wish the same that all of love could fit just so where it belonged
I then realized that love is a lion and to try and cage it like that is to find how you were wronged
And never should have settled for such a pace
I know what you dream for I now live most every moment every day only as myself
I focus on being me with her near her and she does the same for me and also for herself
And I am loved like THAT and all of this embrace

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