The posings of a poet.


So I suppose so it goes there will always be something or other the matter
I doubt that all of this began with a Bang, but I bet it will go out with a clatter
By then I plan to be smiling and gone
Or at least smiling for what else could one really do but choose mirth
We’re all sentenced here to the drab and the drear might as well get some joy from our birth
Else why pluck up courage to go on
Well I for one for me that is I just let it flow through and over and past
Do I get lost do I get pissed who doesn’t my friend but I always know it can’t always last
More than some nights and their dawn
Am I any wiser or smarter of freer am I a prophet a poet a seer all I know is it’s how I keep living
Just up and away and plant each foot every day with purpose and you’ll find you’re giving
Water from which strength can be drawn

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