The posings of a poet.


I have a dream that I alone am taught to fly by folks with wings and feathery things and a glint of danger in their eye
I have a desire to smith with dwarves in fire and bring forth my own ring of truth and speak instead of sigh
And laugh and never die and trust like every child
I have had a vision of merfolk in their lagoons sharpening harpoons for they would chase after me
But I would escape by the skin of my teeth and soar over their reef in my ship that floated free
On the breeze and by degrees I’d find adventures ever more wild
I have seen a past that I wished could last where sorcerer’s battled in towers made of bone
I stood in awe as power sparked and curled spells were called and hurled until I stood alone
Amid the ruins they left and here became beguiled
I have only memory of what still could be should giants spring forth with six fingers and six toes
I wonder where the picture I have for myself has gone perhaps
the dragons burned it, or their fairy foes
But what a reality I’ve had in fantasy, I must admit I smiled

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2 thoughts on “Phantazesthai

  1. wow, nice!

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