The posings of a poet.

NaPoWriMo 17

Today’s prompt is an epistolary poem — a poem in the form of a letter. In particular, I challenge you to write a poem addressing an inanimate object — Dear Headache, Dear Goldfish Bowl, etc. But that’s not all. Try to include at least 4 of the below in your poem:

1) a song lyric
2) a historical fact
3) an oddball adjective-noun combination (like red grass or loud silence)
4) a fruit
5) the name of a street in your neighborhood
6) a measure of distance.

An Epistle to Poetry
My Sweetest Poetry,
I have loved you since I first heard Suess rhyme
Though I did not quite know it at the time
And since then I’ve hoped I could connect
With a world that your beauty seems to reject
Through tasty words and silver-tongued phrases
And perhaps at last feel worth these praises
I saw you today on Overlook Court
You frolicked with children in their made up sport
You glanced my way and sang my tune
“You and me together, we can do anything” and soon!
From miles away I still hear you call
To feast on the fruit of love and fall
In love again with words and sign my rendition
Like Eliot, Frost and Hemingway signed Pound’s petition
To free the poet who was held for treason
I’ll do the same for all mankind is shackled by reason
And misses what surrounds and can’t see the beauty
But instead sits placidly and settles for duty
Oh, Poetry will you help me awaken
What man thinks is beautiful, for He is mistaken
PS- I hope I’ve not been forward, as it seems,
Please find enclosed all my hopes and dreams.

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