The posings of a poet.

Ad diction eyrie

I wish to attempt to cause you a feeling through this mixed up meandering diction
I do not wish you to realize how real it could be so just consider this fiction
though I pray you experience it in your soul while you’re strong
It is there when you wake itching under your skin oh what a lovely affliction
It will not vacate your senses no matter how you apply the greatest of friction
and some days it is all you can do sanity to prolong
It stands on your chest like an elephant pest and oh so often causes constriction
or curls round your lungs and slithers through your mind breathing and thought meet restriction
and you desire it all the more for knowing it’s wrong
It can be for a thing a person a place anything you desire at all can create this conviction
that you must posses it her there and cause you not to care whoever whatever the interdiction
for your soul has decided that only for that one thing you will long
To not be in love to not have a need to never experience desire is a small crucifixion
To believe you have loved have realized all truth but never have craved is a great contradiction
and you cannot possibly have heard the true song
That echoes inside the heart and the mind and seems to offer a life-bending prediction
That you will find what you need but ever require more without hope of benediction
and all of your effort will bring you to see to it you belong

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